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New bank improves milk donation process

June 12, 2020 posted by Staff Editor

We recently received our first shipment from the new Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies, our first local HMBANA milk bank. Now, instead of our donating moms shipping their milk to Denver to be processed and returned, moms can donate curbside at our hospital and have it processed right here in the Twin Cities. In addition to keeping it local, we are saving money on shipping costs, and saving the Earth by not flying the milk across the country.

The milk pictured is the same as the “hospital grade” term milk that we used to mark with an orange sticker. It now has an orange painted dot on it. They come in 4-ounce plastic bottles. We can also purchase “preemie” milk to use for babies under 1,000 grams. This will come in 50-milliliter bottles. For now, we will still purchase high-cal milk from Denver as they have it available.

Let us know if you have questions, and spread the word if you know moms with extra milk!